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Write a short statement on how you plan to fund your studies in Amsterdam. Please keep it brief but be as specific as possible (for instance: parental allowance, bursary or other funding, extra jobs, etc.) Please note that all of the masters offered by the Sandberg are full-time courses.

The Sandberg Instituut is currently researching if it's an option to offer non-EU (European Union) / non-EEA (European Economic Area) students extra time to secure their funding. Accepted students would have the ability to postpone the start of their studies by 1 year after their acceptance date. If possible, would you be interested in this option?

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We will assess your work, cv, and (other) former education, at the time of the interview (when invited), to determine if you have the required entry level.

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All courses and communication at Sandberg Instituut are in English, occasionally in Dutch. But as a foreign student learning Dutch is not compulsory. During the interview, as a part of the admission process, your English language level will be checked. If there is doubt we will ask for proof that English can be regarded as your mother tongue (passport) or that you have followed English in secondary/high school with a positive mark on your diploma. Note: All Chinese nationals from the People's Republic of China have to get a Nuffic Certificate (formerly known as Neso-certificate) to be eligible for a Dutch entry visa and enrol in a Dutch English-taught study programme.These candidates must provide a copy of an Academic IELTS certificate minimal level 6.0 together with the application. This formal requirement does not apply to nationals from Hong Kong (SAR), Macau (SAR) and Taiwan (ROC). In case you cannot present such certificate or when your score is insufficient, you cannot be enrolled as a student. TOEFL certificates are no longer accepted.* *

Info: we will ask you to show results of an IELTS language test of least 6.0.

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