Sandberg Instituut
Graduation Show
14—25 June 2017
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Fine Arts
Bing Bin
year of birth: 1991
country of origin: People's Republic of China
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Ceromancy or a Fibonacci brunch

She got insomnia since she had studied astrology, perhaps the delusion of the future devoured time. The present and the past were gone, only the future left in her world. But the insights into future wouldn’t make her prophecies accurate. Now she lied on the bed and sleep visited her unexpectedly; a thought came to her mind when she almost fell asleep— the secrets of gold hid in candles.

About: Bing Bin (b 1991, China) is an Amsterdam-based artist and writer who eats spicy noodle every other day and owns a lot of pink thingy. Her decision-making, in an alchemical way, follows a flux where the Real permeates the emotion and the projection of reality. Her interests include poetry, speculative realism, accelerationism and fortunetelling. The work—mostly presented in video and elaborated by sound, text and objects—swings between the lyrical and sarcasm.

graduation workCeromancy or a Fibonacci brunch
Video — 21 June 2017
graduation workCeromancy or a Fibonacci brunch
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