Sandberg InstituutFriday 15 — Saturday 16 — Sunday 17 June 2018
Graduation Exhibitions & Events Various Locations — Amsterdam
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Fine Arts
Alice dos Reis
year of birth: 1995
country of origin: Portugal
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Alice dos Reis (b. Lisbon, 1995) is a visual artist
Mood Keep

Alice will present a video installation focusing on the critically endangered Mexican axolotl, a water creature with regenerative abilities that refuses to metamorphose into maturity. In charting the connections between the axolotl's post-colonial history, unique - almost unearthly - biology, and recent online popularity as one of the world’s cutest creatures, the work seeks to trace the prevalence of cute imagery in contemporary semiotics.

Special thanks: Gulbenkian Foundation, Utrecht Biology Association, Diogo de Tita, Emile Frankel
graduation workMood Keep
Video — 15 June 2018
graduation workMood Keep
Video — 15 June 2018
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working draftVideo — 2018
working draftVideo — 2018
working draft3D Model — 2018