Sandberg InstituutFriday 15 — Saturday 16 — Sunday 17 June 2018
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Editorial by Herman Hjorth Berge & Valter Jimi Törsleff

Graduates mentioned: Timo Demollin, Johanna Arco,
Anastasia Kubrak, Juan Pablo Mejía, Niels Albers

i think we are the only two left in our world
This was my favourite from the show i think
Yes me too. Idk what do we say.
Why was it so relatable
Did you read her publication? I only read the first text

I think her text made most sense
Yes its very comprehensible
But we cant really write an essay about her essay
I mean we can but i dont think we should
I think the teleprompter text fit the publication very well
Really draws you in and makes you read
Keep you posted and let you know

I feel like nothing is smooth and im also still sad

Ok the first thing we went to was the fine arts opening
At first I thought it was a bit clean and empty but when we took a closer
look most of the works were very interesting - which i think went for a lot
of the graduation show works, but especially at looiersgracht

The first work that drew us in was title, maybe because it was in the middle
of the room. Timo Demollin’s collection of rented out furniture and
equipment nicely arranged in a square in the airy gallery provoked a bit of
a “oh, ..yeah” reaction in us, which led to us discussing it and then looking
at the paper that was on the rented table. We both changed our mind after
reading the text, which was an interview with someone involved in the more
commercial art world? Anyway it gave good substance to the work, at the
very least validated its presence.

And i feel like it presented the money/art conflict in a interesting if not
new way

I think its interesting that already at your graduation - which is still in this
protected study environment - you get confronted with this financial side
of art world
I guess? But I don’t know if that is really interesting since the rest of their
life is gonna be about this anyways a bit depressing to choose this as your
graduation project

Whoops I deleted ur thing.
Its ok

But maybe a good move in terms of positioning yourself
I think in the fine art exhibition it was a lot of things that was really hard
to comprehend what they meant. But maybe I’m just uneducated. Yes but
i think you should still be able to get parts of it w/o education
what is the point if no one get what ur saying
Still i think some stuff just demands more time and attention, maybe more
than most people give at an opening

Yes I still think it would be boring if everyone did really simple conceptual
art. There is plenty of that already.

You really dressed that sentence up by changing a lot for plenty
Thank you. I’m just trying to impress.

Wow ur deleting a lot now. Don’t b so insecure. It’s ok to be dumb.
We are only in the first year. We don’t know how to bullshit professionally
yet. I mean we are not master students

i liked the drone video
Very good installation choice, the canvas not filling but being a whole wall
in the square room was very powerful, to me it looked futuristic in a
believable way, and the drone shots of the women and then the flock of
deer running were very beautiful
In this (scandinavian?) winter landscape
probably both the most and the least visible work, the window sticker
really filled the whole room, but at the same time didn’t intrude on the
other works. In a way it gives the impression of being installed outside
of the gallery space because it is the view out. But it is very much in the
I think we both agreed it’s the work we would buy

Having all the thesis’ just on a table in the corner
Not a good idea. But the ittala glasses with prosecco or water felt really
high end.
Shame you cant take them outside anymore, and then home
Yes maybe they should give them away maybe more people would come.

Was there a sandberg gift shop?
At fine arts you could buy the publications or some of them
Ah yes also the ice cream. I think they should maybe teach a lesson on
retail. So they could fully capitalise. Just kidding. Or maybe not. I feel like
some people was trying to earn their money back somehow but it don’t
really translate well in a exhibition to sell a ice cream for 1 Eur
1 europe
Or like a magazine of a unknown author. It’s a bit difficult to sell? Maybe
they should just do like Anastasia and give em out or like make a donation.
I’m sure really rich people feel really guilty and displaced in the exhibition
and donates more than its worth because they feel bad that they made
their money in oil
Or by exploiting the labour conditions of poor countries :)
Probably no
Do you think a graduation show is an appropriate place to make money?
Doesn’t it add another concern of having to sell a certain amount of books
etc, as a measure for your success. I feel it can be kept out of study

design had more gifts
design = gift making

Like Anastasia Kubraks if everything is so smooth why am i so sad? Which
you could take for free. U were actually supposed to pay for that one but
yes I think it’s really smart to give them away because then people actually
take them. I don’t think I would’ve paid for it as I didn’t know Anastasia
before. But I really liked it so maybe next time she writes I would pay.

She also had the installation with the teleprompter, with the scrolling text
that is so weird and incoherent and somehow extremely relatable
Keyboard suggested word text
Almost hypnotising
we started reading it out loud
i had fun hbu

as much as these department separated exhibitions are trying to be stand
alone events, you do start making comparisons, compared to the fine arts
show design was more of a spectacle also because its at de school giving
this club setting, and you get a sticker over your camera and then the big
room with the big screen playing the telenovelas movie - a fast pace critical
and very much graphic designed documentary (i guess) about tv shows
about south american organised crime using an impressive amount of found
footage with a narrator monotonically explaining the context of these very
chaotic visuals. I though the repeated use of that very visual font and the
use of bright red and yellow was a bit much, but i recognise that this a
bit much is playing with the graphic language of south american television.
an interesting thing that juan pablo mejia’s speculations on speculation
shows is how the new wave of series portraying these recent historical
gangsters uses footage from these telenovelas and makes it seem like its
historical footage/from news reports. using fictional footage in a fictional
series to portray what is then seen by many of its viewers as an accurate
account of history. because it is so well made we accept it as truth. like the
big budget netflix series about pablo escobar


i finished if everything is so smooth why am i so sad?
its just something that concerns us all, and that people increasingly are aware
of, but i feel like shes kind of laying it out in a clear and understandable way
and I get the feeling that there are people working on improving the
situation, in all kinds of professions - basically the publication provides
an optimistic view of the future which is rare today

Yes its cool

I think its interesting while at design or fine arts
They spend most of the time developing a concept
But at immediate spaces
They spend it on building big things
Which can also turn out to be really clear expressions of an idea
Like the slaughter/bath house sculpture
domestication by niels albers
which is somehow very recognisable, with its white tiles and stainless steel
handrails, stairs and platform. but none of the elements are definite. that
could be a shower but its not. the pool is a weird size more like a tank.
these very practical elements have been deprived of their functions.
Yeah really nice.
I also liked that every exhibition was in its own location. Some better than
others for what they are making. Rather than everything in one space
like other schools. Gives it more the impression that that specific course
is autonomous from the other departments. Compared to GRA where
everything is more the same thing.

There was still some stuff from different departments that would work well
in the same space, and physically separating the departments you do risk
that some locations will draw less audience

That is true. Immediate spaces was really good but really far if u don’t have
a bike or take that shuttle bus. Maybe some people didn’t see it. We almost
didnt go. But I would’ve like them to use even more different locations.
Design was a favourite but it was in de school which is used quite frequently
by sandberg. IMO
the content made the space not matter so much.

But I guess that is very much to do with the funds they have. I don’t think
any department paid much for their space.

An effect could be that you get people who are more specifically interested
at each event, and then it doesn't need to be so crowd pleasing either
I don’t think they really thought anything to b really crowd pleasing. It’s
still really really internal if u compare it to anything at the stedelijk

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