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Giovanni Bozzoli
year of birth: 1993
country of origin: Italy
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The research of Giovanni Bozzoli is based on the analysis of the emancipating role of autonomous communities and social cooperation in the neo-capitalist era. Over the past century, a process of hyper-normalisation has taken place that partially dissolved traditional community-based solidarity networks, and gave way to a type of atomized individual unable to create and sustain meaningful social relationships. Under those conditions, subjectivity has become reduced to functioning in a binary way: To produce and consume. This “consumerist existentialism,” as Bozzoli describes it in an eponymous manifesto, results in a zero sum game that can only be resisted through imagination and the creation of new alliances among people and organisations.
Cooperate to Survive

Cooperate to Survive, 2018
Multimedia installation

R.I.S.A. – Research Institute for Spontaneous Actions is a project activated by Bozzoli together with two activists from the cultural centre MACAO (Milan, IT), Alessandro Veneruso and Leonardo Ruvolo. The research institute takes shape primarily as an open web platform where different experiences of social cooperation and self-organisation are being reported and shared.

Cooperate to Survive is the title of the first visual research produced by R.I.S.A. in Athens, during April 2018. Interviews and explanatory graphs expose different forms of self-organisations as applied by three communities working on the topic of migration.

graduation workCooperate to Survive
Installation — 6 June 2018
graduation workCooperate to Survive
Publication — 6 June 2018
graduation workCooperate to Survive
Video — 6 June 2018