Sandberg InstituutFriday 15 — Saturday 16 — Sunday 17 June 2018
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Studio for Immediate Spaces
Mirko Podkowik
Hi, I'm Mirko.

TBD contemplates the status of work and its current and prospective transformation. The common notions of this term have changed and are being constantly re-evaluated. What constitutes work today and who is a worker? If the fantasy of a fully automated world becomes a reality, what to do with our own hands? When some economies turn away from physical goods, targeting human attention, those commercial relation-ships become as immaterial as human relationships always have been. We become managers of our net-works of relations, that slip in and out of commercial nature. Promoting ourselves exposes the mode we engage with the world now — polishing our self-image for social and economic relationships, and at the same time surrendering to the neo-liberal idea of profit and maximizing value. TBD shows scenes that appear inevitably important to the protagonist and the viewer alike, but are really just hollow, meaningless actions. Work, only existent to be executed.

graduation workTBD
Video — 15 June 2018
graduation workTBD
Video — 15 June 2018
working draftFoam Board — 2018
working draftvideo still — 2018
working draftVideo Still — 2018
working draftVideo Still — 2018
working draft2018