Sandberg InstituutFriday 15 — Saturday 16 — Sunday 17 June 2018
Graduation Exhibitions & Events Various Locations — Amsterdam
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Dirty Art Department
Quentin Dupuy
year of birth: 1992
country of origin: France
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Ineloquents Bouquets / Rotten Fish Air Cooler

Ineloquents Bouquets, 2018
Rotten Fish Air Cooler, 2018
Mixed Media

Faberge eggs, mall air conditioning systems, Athena’s temple wind powered trumpets and baroque fountains are all examples of intricate machinery that perform and produce situated theatrical manifestations of both technological and ideological power. They are monuments in motion, lively ornamental extremities of tentacular power structures. They perform mathematically arranged enchantment procedures, which gives them presence and agency. In his work, Quentin Dupuy looks at the history of these mechanics of power from a trickster perspective. Using materials found on site melted together with youtube DIY alchemy and advanced glue gun fetishism, Quentin creates low-key cyborg sculptures. Spread across the space of the different floors, his collection of interventions entitled Ineloquents Bouquets were collected and assembled this spring in Athens.

In Rotten Fish Air Cooler (2018), the decadent bourgeois comfort of a derelict 19th century hotel room is brought back to life by the impromptu intervention of foul-smelling minimal sculptures. They exhale a scent of savage mundanity, an awkward atmospheric conviviality reminiscent of legendary aristocratic stenches.

graduation workRotten Fish Air Cooler
Mixed media — 6 June 2018
graduation workRotten Fish Air Cooler
Mixed media — 6 June 2018
graduation workRotten Fish Air Cooler
6 June 2018
graduation work Ineloquents Bouquets
Mixed media — 6 June 2018
graduation workIneloquents Bouquets
Drawing — 6 June 2018