Sandberg InstituutFriday 15 — Saturday 16 — Sunday 17 June 2018
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Dirty Art Department
Tom Kemp
year of birth: 1988
country of origin: United Kingdom
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In the work of Tom Kemp, the design and play of role-playing games create a series of organically developing scenarios, which channel collective analysis and the generative intervention of non-human group agency, functioning like complex Ouija boards. Abstract entities are offered temporary form through filmmaking and computer rendering.
Difficult Salad / The Innocents

Difficult Salad, 2018
Video, 17 minutes

The Innocents, 2018
Exterior Installation

In Difficult Salad, a panel of experts collectively design a role-playing game themed on international marriage law and inadvertently hold a seance. Guided through a process of gamification, a priest, a migration lawyer and a legally registered international couple waver between immersed roleplayers and empirical architects.They devise a role-playing scenario for themselves where an interrogation of romantic legitimacy overrides that of personhood. The complex and invisible body of international marriage is transmitted through the knowledge of the participants, and a 14th century spirit is invoked.

The Innocents allows a glimpse of a phantom exhibition extracted from a collaborative simulation created with members of the Dirty Art Department. The trials of a fictitious, parallel artist collective occupying an empty building in Athens for a year are resolved in a final group exhibition, rendered as taking place in a newly renovated Bagieon on Omania Square. The works in the rendered exhibition imply a set of narratives that map the uninhibited experiences, priorities and projections of the real collective.

Special thanks: Selma Koran ACED Jasmine Alakari Dani Andres Eva Bezem Shristie Budhia Sara Daniel Klaus Feldgen David Haack Monberg James Hill Jeroen Kortekaas Marie Larsen Leslie Lawrence Jason Harvey Monica Mays Cyril De Menouillard WOW Amsterdam Leo Ravy
graduation workDifficult Salad
Video — 6 June 2018
graduation workThe Innocents
Installation — 6 June 2018
graduation workThe Innocents
Installation — 6 June 2018
working draftThe Innocents (dry run 01)
Digital Image — 4961x7016 pixels — 2018
working draftDifficult Salad (naked woodwose)
Digital Image — 1280x1280 pixels — 2018
referenceRigged Eel for Single Floor Elevator
Digital Image — 1920x1080 pixels — 2018
working draftDifficult Salad (still)
Digital Film — 17m — 2018
working draftDifficult Salad (still)
Digital Film — 17m — 2018
working draftSingle Floor Elevator
Digital Film — 8m — 2018