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Fine Arts
Amy Winstanley
year of birth: 1983
place of birth: Dumfries, Scotland
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Amy Winstanley explores painting to reflect her experience of the world from love, death, to the mundane and spiritual; all underpinned by a fascination with humanity's relationship to nature and an interest in the act of painting itself.
Swell, Move, Circle, Slow and Vanish
For me painting is about using all I know and feel to reflect my experience of the world. Within this there is movement, gesture; the act of hand and paintbrush on paper or canvas. They all include this energy of movement, a potential to change. I’m addicted to this potential, this very honest moment; the striped back truth of an immediacy between hand, paintbrush and paint. In a way they are all indications or vestiges of this potential.
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