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Anna Petrova
year of birth: 1994
place of birth: Moscow, Russia
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A. Petrova (1994, Moscow) - background in Art History and Design. Works in the field of Virtual/Augmented realities. In her artistic practice she focuses on the topic of cultural adjustment, integration, searching for the indentification of "Home" .
The tales of dis-belonging.
Like archeologist, collecting pieces of the house, one by one. The routes that leading home. So tell me, where do I belong? Potato after potato. Brick after brick. What's the trick? Integrate and start from the beginning. Develop and reborn, to find the other meaning. I wish I was a potato. Discover my home and put down the roots that easy.

Special thanks: Daniel Doornink, Dajo Brinkman, XRBASE and everyone who donated me a potato.
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