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Dirty Art Department
David Haack Monberg
year of birth: 1992
place of birth: Copenhagen, Denmark.
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The work of David Haack Monberg moves between history and fiction to explore how the technological replacement of artefacts summons a more total annihilation of memory than that caused by the physical destruction resulting from iconoclastic terror.
Icons Made Without Hands
As the crusade of the Islamic State bulldozed through the land of the Levant, one of its architectural victims reappeared on the steps of Trafalgar Square. Shrouded by a satin cloth, stood one of the finest physical manifestations of virtual archeology. Caught in-between the physical and the digital, the historical artefact - our memory, had finally been completely destroyed. If cultural heritage is the beating heart of a society, what happens when its representatives are replaced by surrogates?

Special thanks: Tom Kemp, Octave Rimbert, Uffe Isolotto, Center for Signifikante Oplevelser
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