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Elisa Grasso
year of birth: 1988
place of birth: London, England
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Elisa Grasso (London, 1988) is an Amsterdam based filmmaker exploring intuition as a creative process. Through analogue and digital image techniques her visuals observe the human subconscious, empathy and memory as a form of artistic therapy.
Seven Year Old Self
My therapist once asked me to visualise my child self sitting next to me, sad and crying. “How would you treat her?” my therapist asked. “With compassion, love and care” I answered. “Then that’s how you should treat yourself now, as an adult” she replied.

Special thanks: Giuseppe Anselmi, Danny van Deventer, Anne van Duuren, Joe and Arlo Hutchinson, Jo Kali, André Lourenço, Elif Özbay, Mila Palfrey, Sophia Seawell, Georgie Sinclair, Luka Schnorr, Remko Schnorr, Jeffrey de Angst, Bandit Amsterdam, Gediminas Žygus, Sandberg Media Lab, Shadow Channel Students and Tutors, Fonds Kwadraat,, Camera Rentals
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