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Gediminas Žygus
place of birth: Kaunas, Lithuania
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Gediminas Žygus is an artist working with sound, performance and film. Their work offers to devise alternative genealogies of metaphysical architectures.
Hydrangea I & Hydrangea II
Hydrangea is a myth about myths, and within Hydrangea, each flower is a story, and forests contain neverending branching tales. Plotlines mutate, and realities fork; some come to bear the weight of new blooms of stories, while others fade out, creating ground for further blooms. Each organism influences the entire structure.

Collaboration(s): Holly Childs

Special thanks: Hydrangea is voiced by Angela Goh, Elif Ozbay, Marijn Degenaar, Mark Prendergast and Stephanie Overs. Photographs of Hydrangea performed at Fitzroy Conservatory Gardens by Keelan O'Hehir. Supported by Rupert, Lithuania; The Deep Splash, Lithuania; Firstdraft, Australia; and Liquid Architecture, Australia.
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