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Kani Marouf
year of birth: 1991
place of birth: Saarbrücken, Germany
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Kani Marouf is a filmmaker. In her latest work, she is exposing moments of glorification by embedding them back into the reality they came from. The release of the subject's imprisonment, rooted in the punctuality of a still, guide her filmmaking.
All I see is you
"All I see is you" is an one-hour film, finalizing a two year long research about numbness in an overtaking image presentness. The film is staging various moments of a subject's glorification, hence creating cinematic scenes, in order to investigate the impact of cinema on the subject it is narrating.

Special thanks: Arfan Mustafa, Rebwar Hassan, Michael Weber, Yara Hassan, Riga Mustafa, Aras Nuri, Alexander Murray
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