Sandberg InstituutFriday 14 — Saturday 15 — Sunday 16 June 2019
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Master Design of Experiences
Malena Maria Arcucci
year of birth: 1989
place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Malena Maria Arcucci (1989, Argentina) is a theatre designer who's interested in challenging our established way of thinking through creating alternative realities.
Conspiratorial Mythologies
Conspiratorial Mythologies is a three part project that looks back, into ancient Greek forms of storytelling, with the purpose of unveiling the truths hidden in conspiracy theories. What and who are we afraid of? Where will that fear take us?

Collaboration(s): John Charles Bricker, Ryan Eykholt, Ada Reinthal

Special thanks: Chequeado / Full Fact / Moonshot CVE / Sitraka Rakotoniaina / FE Core / Dave Marsh / @Raregan
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