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Andrea Belosi
year of birth: 1991
place of birth: Forlí, Italy
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Andrea Belosi is an architect and researcher working in the fields of architecture, computer graphics and art. His work focuses on developing research on the impact of technology - and of the digital world - in the urban and built environment.
Unreal Estates: The Tale of Liberty Hills
Unreal Estates: The Tale of Liberty Hills is a CGI short film that employs - and exploits - the media of architectural renderings as virtual sets for a fictional narrative. “From the city to the countryside”, the contemporary tendency promoted as life solution, is the leitmotif of the story of the protagonist. Exhausted by the struggle for entrepreneurial success, he sets off to the countryside. Like a mirage, a bright landscape appears on the horizon - and it fades away in the blink of an eye.

Special thanks: Graphics by Bin Koh
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