Sandberg InstituutFriday 14 — Saturday 15 — Sunday 16 June 2019
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Studio for Immediate Spaces
Elia Castino
year of birth: 1992
place of birth: Asti, Italy
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Elia Castino works at the intersection between art, architecture and design. Interested in the space and idea of the home, he investigates ways of inhabiting and scenarios for quotidian occurrences.
As the cupboard is to the home, so the home is to the town
The work expands from a research on domesticity, focusing on the living conditions of international students in the city of Amsterdam. In a context where housing struggle is rampant, the project looks at real occurrences to reflect upon the way domestic daily life unfolds. When the conventional structure of the house ‘evaporates’ new forms are generated; the architecture for the home becomes scattered, hybrid, ephemeral, a series of habits, rituals and routines, a simple pure moment in space.
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