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Master Design of Experiences
Annamaria Merkel
year of birth: 1990
place of birth: Chemnitz, Germany
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As an artistic researcher and designer Annamaria Merkel builds her practice on a magic understanding of the world. Having studied in Germany, Turkey and Sri Lanka, Merkel holds a BA in Integrated Design with a concentration in Gender Studies.
We are not the only kind of we
For her work on ‘capitalist sorcery’, Merkel examined experience marketing as designed ritual to detect loopholes for ‘breaking the spell’. She developed site-specific choreographies for 12 performers, which act as collective body, appearing unsolicited to invade spaces for supervision. Interlinked with radio units, they move through illegible codes while whispering detailed descriptions. Sometimes individuals break free to reclaim personal agency only to fall back into the corporate ritual.

Special thanks: To the authors of 'Capitalist Sorcery' Isabelle Stengers and Philippe Pignarre The host*esses of a large automotive manufacturer Leon Lapa Pereira and all great performers
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