Sandberg InstituutFriday 14 — Saturday 15 — Sunday 16 June 2019
Graduation Exhibitions & Events Various Locations — Amsterdam
Master Design of Experiences
Juhee Hahm
year of birth: 1987
place of birth: Iksan, South Korea
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Juhee Hahm focuses on creating experience as a process. Hahm researches the effect that technology, politics, media and economics and materialise to experience. She investigates the application of future technologies in the spaces that surround us.
I wanted to like my work
Working is not only about productivity anymore. Then what is the value of human labour? Working has been the centre of lifeworld. To explore the future, we need to investigate current position of work. For the discussion, I will depict the increasing job/phenomenon, Bull-Shit Jobs, that is defined by David Graeber. In a waiting room, to get the fuel of current lifeworld(caffeine), participants will experience infrastructure of 'Bull-shit Jobs'.

Collaboration(s): Luke George Hardy Rideout

Special thanks:, Margriet Dijkema(Dramaturg),
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