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Emilia Tapprest
year of birth: 1992
place of birth: Helsinki, Finland
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Through her work, Emilia Tapprest (NVISIBLE.STUDIO) researches social and psychological implications of emerging technologies. Her speculative short films tackle themes such as human connectedness, agency and freedom in the quantified age.
ZHŌUWÉI.NETWORK is a practice-based research project investigating visceral implications of automated surveillance. The work introduces three speculative worlds differing in who has power over data and how this power is used. The main output of the research is a proof-of-concept for a sci-fi short film depicting the parallel lives of ’V’, Long and Dimian – each struggling with questions of personhood, freedom and community in the quantified age.

Collaboration(s): Valerie van Zuijlen

Special thanks: Martin Lopatka, Victor Evinc Ramirez, Versia Hodges
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