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Miša Skalskis
year of birth: 1994
place of birth: Vilnius, Lithuania
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Miša Skalskis is Miša Skalskis is Miša Skalskis Born then in the building that is no longer with us. For some a brat, for others - heart. Lyrical beast. Did stuffs here and there. Mum hates their work. No regrets whatsoever. soundcloud: ang3l_sp1der
'Thirst' and 'Ambiguity'
The work is a diptych of two videos based on real events which become fictionalized. The first is narrated by a teenager stuck on an island with parents in an unpleasant and tedious journey that becomes aggravated by the sun - a malignant force, that is about to cause global catastrophe by melting everything that is solid. The second video is based on a trip in Puglia region by the author and their 80 years old grandma. The main theme of this film is alienation.
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