Sandberg InstituutFriday 14 — Saturday 15 — Sunday 16 June 2019
Graduation Exhibitions & Events Various Locations — Amsterdam
Critical Studies
Harriet Foyster
year of birth: 1992
place of birth: Lincoln, UK
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Harriet collages text, video, performance & set to study socio-emotional implications of neoliberal capitalism on the subject(/worker), examining relations of language & subjectivity once processed through mechanisms & logics of private property.
Hardwood in Heart Wood
Sexy curves, a timeless classic. Resilient and hardworking but with soft touches, good against the skin. Purposeful yet approachable, one-of-a-kind and bright, too. Sure to create a lasting impression. Pouring personality, all elegant and very casually sophisticated. Natural woods and blonde veneers. Feels just like the real thing.

Special thanks: Michiel Huijben, belit sağ
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