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Critical Studies
Lucie Fortuin
year of birth: 1990
place of birth: Rosmalen, The Netherlands
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Lucie Fortuin is a writer whose work questions the normative structure of knowledge production, she argues for intuition & imagination as the basis of critical thinking. 'Our Bodies Covered in Mist' came out in 2015, 'textures' is forthcoming, 2019.
Wrenched bodies, melting ice and intimacy that is intricately linked with the abject. 'textures' is a performative reading of a prose poem taking place in the fictive city Asude. It investigates the psychosomatic effects of a future trauma on people, cats, their surroundings. Those roaming the city seek to find their way between resurfacing memories and a looming present, between fragile desires and the dripping water that quietly traces their steps. Are you trying to hide inside your dreams?
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