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Dirty Art Department
Jeroen Kortekaas
year of birth: 1991
place of birth: Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands
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Jeroen Kortekaas creates sculptural collage and images which act as meridian points for a myriad of associations. Mixing the everyday, the impersonal and the personal, they explore the multiplicity of modernity, and the hybrids that it creates.
With Flying Colors
In With Flying Colors, Kortekaas presents a series of sculptures which hold ambiguous status of signaling objects, alluding to the question how individuals relate to space and its boundaries, markers, objects. Taking the signpost as the image of guiding life along a beaten path, his work can inspire us to imagine those and our other boundaries, differently. With the urgency of an emergency vehicle and the joy of fairground rides, they oscillate between crisis and ecstasy.
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