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Dirty Art Department
Rachele Monti
year of birth: 1990
place of birth: Arcadia, Ancient Greece
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Monti’s work thematizes the symptomatic transformation of emotions into images. Technicalities of photography are challenged by the deliberate use of light, color, layering as tools to touch upon sensations and memories of all that is unspeakable.
Impeto No 1
In the multimedia installation Impeto No.1 the image has a body and a voice. Its surface is a skin to be explored, and a portal to unspoken desires and fears. Only fragments of the photographs remain perceivable after passing through various stages of manual distortion and subsequently soaked in rubber and appended with gasping sounds. While a discharge happens through the pores of the material, the intimacy of the work invites the viewer to become a voyeur of both the visible and the unseen.
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