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Rowena Buur
year of birth: 1990
place of birth: Alkmaar, The Netherlands
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Rowena Buur is a non-binary feminist and artivist whose work revolves around identity, sexuality, gender, and family. Working with video, photography, and typography, along with humour and irony, Rowena’s work becomes a way of dealing with reality.
1. Without hope I have no dreams. 2. When did you become a heterosexual?
Rowena takes you into their contrary worlds through different mediums. On the one hand an intimate family portrait. Rowena broke contact with their father, who has been struggling with an alcohol addiction, and does not have a stable place to live. When they heard that he found a home at a trailer park they thought it was time to contact him. On the other hand a project around sexuality, the heteronormative morals and some of the(in)visible aggressions that LGBTQ+ people have to face daily.
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