Sandberg InstituutFriday 14 — Saturday 15 — Sunday 16 June 2019
Graduation Exhibitions & Events Various Locations — Amsterdam
Critical Studies
Sekai Makoni
year of birth: 1986
place of birth: Cambridge, UK
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Sekai’s work centres Blackness, colonial histories, faith, emotion and song. Her podcast ‘Between Ourselves’ forms part of her practice. She is currently exploring Black church, faith rituals and how to speak about spirituality in the arts/academia.
1. Making Space for Faith and Spirituality in the Arts and Academia - Panel discussion // 2. Re-imagining Church: Black, queer-affirming, faith ritual re-imaginings
The panel discussion will explore the ways in which faith isn't so readily spoken about within the arts and academia. We will think about how we might create latitude for these discussions focusing on examples that are liberative and non-traditional. Re-imagining Black church will be a private POC ceremony centred on the Biblical symbolism of the washing of feet.
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