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///// EYES (DRAFT)

Nienke Vijlbrief

Although many of the graduates’ pages have yet to be filled, it would already be possible to devise some red threads, tendencies or themes from what’s there. But that’s not what I’m going to do here. To me it makes more sense to approach the graduation shows as I would normally do, and that means that I will be looking for individual qualities, more precisely from the P/////AKT point of view. And that means that my main interest will go out to the Fine Arts and Dirty Arts departments as well as the Studio For Immediate Spaces.

I have had the privilege of meeting the Fine Arts graduates recently during a studio visit, and I am curious to see what will be the final results of their initial ideas. As for the Studio For Immediate Spaces I’m specifically looking forward to see Samuel Kuhfuss Gustavsen’s work (based on the images on this website) and Rein Verhoef, whom I have know since he was in his 3rd year at the HKU. There’s not much to go on yet for the Dirty Arts department, but the sketches that are there by Tom K Kemp look intriguing. 

All this doesn’t mean that I’m not (professionally) interested in the other presentations, because I am. To name a few: Angelo Custódio (Master of Voice, which looks like a very interesting department in general) and Callum Coply (Critical Studies).

Nienke Vijlbrief is founding director of P/////AKT, platform for contemporary art. 

P/////AKT is an exhibition space that provides a platform for exceptional and developing artistic talent. The focus lies with facilitating large scale solo presentations by younger artists mainly, who are stimulated and challenged to realize an encompassing project in dialogue with the exhibition space. 


Graduates: Johanna Arco, Laura Bolscher, Loidys Carnero, Callum Copley, Philip Coyne, Angelo Custódio, Timo Demollin, Tom Kemp, Philip Ortelli, Mirko Podkowik, Alice dos Reis, Mai Spring, Tatsuhiko Togashi, Mong-Hsuan Tsai, Rein Verhoef, Nadja van der Weide
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